Principal Consultant - Connected Healthcare | TTP Group

Principal Consultant - Connected Healthcare


We are seeking a talented, ambitious individual to work as part of our Medical Devices business and lead our forays into connected healthcare (also known as iHealth, Digital Healthcare or Value Based Healthcare). The type of person we are looking for will already have experience in leading connected healthcare projects and will likely be an electronic and software engineer who can work across the analogue-digital divide.  In addition to helping us to refine our strategy in this space and generating new business in this specific market, you’ll be designing and testing technology, device, and systems, and working in concert with the rest of our team of scientists and engineers to create the best outcomes for our clients.

The Role

You’ll be working closely with the other scientists and engineers in our group to understand stakeholder requirements and tailor what you build to the experiments that we need to run. You will rapidly scope and develop technology and systems for the devices we design and build for our clients. You’ll stay involved in the project from beginning to end across developing the technology concept, algorithm development and data processing and designing the low level interface for sensors but also software that retrieves, interprets and outputs the data.

In exchange you’ll be given the room to grow your technical skills and specialise in the areas where you excel while retaining the broad variety of day to day work. Invention is also a big part of what we do – the group is constantly searching for the next big market opportunity and is ready to invest in your ideas. With opportunities for client contact from day one you’ll be interacting with our clients and showing them the best of what TTP has to offer.

We’re looking for you to come in and make a difference by formulating our strategy around the intelligent healthcare industry as an emerging opportunity to enable the healthcare business to reduce the cost of care over the lifetime of patients. You’ll be the sort of person that wants to take this from concept right through to developing the application of technology and leading the business development to create the commercial relationships. Ideally you will have worked in a commercial focussed technology start-up that has a strong inference for connectivity, but we’re keen to find someone who has the technical know-how and can apply a commercial mindset to their knowledge. In any event, you will be familiar with working in high-tech industries that have a focus on developing products.


Qualifications and Training

  • A 1st or Upper 2nd class degree from a leading university in electronic engineering or related discipline

Skills and Experience

  • A track record of achieving high marks in Mathematics throughout your education
  • A 1st or Upper 2nd class degree from a top engineering university
  • Experience developing innovations in intelligent healthcare
  • Examples and evidence of an entrepreneurial mindset and a highly driven and ambitious person