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Graduate Consultant Mechanical Engineer

ID: 1265

Category: Mechanical


As a medical device consultant, you will transform healthcare by creating disruptive new technologies and products, influencing and advising our clients to ensure they get to market.

The Role

Engineers at TTP convert their innovations into physical reality. They develop technologies which drive progress, create value for our clients and are governed by sound economics. Their knowledge is used to break engineering problems into their fundamental issues, to solve those issues creatively and to make the design decisions which lead to a finished product. As an engineer, you will have freedom to approach problems from new angles, arrive at novel solutions and validate your thinking through experimentation.

Even on multi-million pound developments we operate in small teams: you will always have a leading role and the decisions you make will determine the outcome of the project. We need our engineers to be multi-skilled and adaptable. Your most valuable asset will not be a specialism, but your ability to leverage knowledge of commercial and engineering fundamentals to overcome novel problems. Together with your colleagues you will propel innovations from early concept to high-volume manufacture.

Operating in the medical sector means we work on the cutting edge of technology, and have a genuine opportunity to impact people's lives. This is a demanding industry and the breadth and criticality of our work demands robust understanding: neither unverified theory nor unreliable pragmatism will do. Consultants must understand where they fit within developments as a whole and tune their work to the right balance of cost, speed and detail. No two projects are the same, and we strive to deliver what is right for our clients, rather than working to a defined process.

At TTP consultants drive all aspects of a development. Not only will you engage in engineering, but also project leadership, selling and business strategy. Due to their wide remit, consultants must combine technical expertise, commercial acumen, and effective communication. Where you choose to develop your skills will be up to you – there is no set development pathway, or formal hierarchy to climb. There are no arbitrary boundaries to your role: if you see something which you think should be different, then you will have the freedom and the responsibility to change it.

Qualifications and Training

  • A 1st or Upper 2nd class degree from a leading university in mechanical engineering or related discipline.

Skills and Experience

  • A very strong understanding of mechanical engineering fundamentals including analytical, experimental and creative capabilities
  • Evidence of using your technical understanding to set the direction in technical projects
  • A strong ability to communicate the value of your work confidently and authoritatively
  • Experience that demonstrates an ability to lead and a drive to succeed
  • A desire to improve your technical and commercial understanding, to develop new skills and to take increasing responsibilities