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Electronic Engineer

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Category: Electronics


Don’t just design electronics; be involved in creating amazing medical device solutions.

The Role

The success of electronics in a medical device requires true integration with every other discipline. As an engineer this provides you with an amazing opportunity to become fluent across the whole development; from user research, through industrial design and manufacturing, you will use your specialist knowledge to help shape, design and guide the project.

At TTP the projects range from small volume, proof-of-concept demonstrators through to very high volume, optimised-for-manufacture products. With a deep knowledge of the fundamentals of electronics you will be able to quickly understand and apply new ideas and technologies.

Embedded systems form the core of the electronics for many medical devices with sensing, user interface and power consumption typically the most critical components. Using off-the-shelf development boards and/or example application software to accelerate delivery of a project or demo is as essential as being able to design from first principles.

Projects teams are typically small and contain a mixture of disciplines according to the needs of the project. At TTP we believe that business functions such as project management, business development and sales are best delivered by consultants who continue to perform technical work. You are encouraged - and expected - to take on responsibilities such as these outside of electronics or engineering.

Going beyond the status quo and thinking creatively to realise new possibilities, both technically, and also commercially, is part of the TTP culture. Engineers are supported extensively through all aspects of their development.

Qualifications and Training

  • A 1st or Upper 2nd class degree from a leading university in electronic engineering or related discipline.

Skills and Experience

  • A very strong understanding of electronics and physical principles
  • A broad knowledge of embedded electronics, microcontrollers and firmware
  • Experience developing high integrity or medical electronics and/or software e.g. 60601, 62304, 61508, DO178
  • A strong ability to communicate the value of your work confidently and authoritatively to senior business leaders across client organisations
  • Professional experience that demonstrates an ability to lead and a drive to succeed
  • A desire to improve the quality of your work, to develop new skills and to take increasing responsibilities
  • Experience of leading novel device development projects would be an advantage