RF Consultant | TTP Group

ID: 1191

Category: Electronics


TTP’s Communications & Wireless Group is seeking outstanding and ambitious RF engineers.  Working with experienced colleagues, the successful candidates will take the lead in specifying, designing and delivering complex wireless devices and RF subsystems.

The Role

You will have the opportunity to develop leading edge communications technologies and devices and help create new business, in a wide range of markets such as medical devices, satellite communications, and the Internet of Things.  You will be able to work with customers ranging from global blue chips to regulators such as Ofcom and ambitious start-ups.

Developing breakthrough products requires deep insight, creativity and engineering excellence as well as a strong appreciation for commercial factors such as cost.  At TTP, you will often work at the edge of what is technically achievable and apply your knowledge in unusual and creative ways.

TTP values ambition, leadership, technical excellence and great communication and provides a fantastic environment for you to be in control of your career.  You can be involved in an exciting range of projects and client engagements, helping you expand your skills and interests in areas such as business development, project leadership, emerging technologies, and involvement in the many markets in which we and our customers operate.

Qualifications and Training

  •  A 1st or Upper 2nd first degree or higher from a leading university in electrical/electronic or RF engineering, or in physics with a strong applied element.

Skills and Experience

  • Strong understanding of the fundamentals of microwave and RF engineering and digital communications
  • Hands-on experience with RF circuits and test equipment
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts and the value of your work clearly and confidently
  • A desire to develop new skills and to take increasing responsibilities.


For a senior role, candidates should have:

  • Track record of designing RF systems or circuits
  • Professional experience that demonstrates an ability to lead and a drive to succeed.


Successful candidates are also likely to have experience in several of the following areas:

  • Antenna design and engineering
  • Design and simulation tools such as ADS, Altium, ANSYS, COMSOL, CST Studio, Labview, MATLAB, Microwave Office or Simulink
  • Developing your own models, software tools or tests
  • ASIC, MMIC or RFIC specification and design, or appreciation of current practice
  • Common communications standards and systems, such as cellular, W-Fi, Bluetooth, or satellite, or emerging systems like IoT and 5G
  • Advanced techniques such as Doherty, envelope tracking, digital pre-distortion and software defined radio
  • Novel or unusual wireless technologies or applications
  • Knowledge of radio regulatory requirements
  • Product development for volume manufacture
  • Project management and team leadership
  • Building, making or designing things in your spare time.

To apply for this vacancy please submit your CV – which should give examples from your experience showing that you have the required skills – stating the reference number above.