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Senior Embedded Software Engineer


We are seeking an experienced embedded software engineer with the appetite to get fully immersed in our life science technology development activity.  In addition to excellent software architecture and coding skills, you will have a broad appreciation of other disciplines enabling you to be a very effective team player in a multidisciplinary development environment.  

The Role

The Consultant Embedded Software Engineer role offers the opportunity to contribute to some of the newest and most exciting technology advances in the life sciences industry. The role involves project planning, software architecture development, writing code, and client management. Typical life science projects are agile and multidisciplinary, often involving close-knit teams of scientists and engineers. As an example, a typical software system might involve control of biology, fluidics, dynamic mechanisms, optics and high-speed signal processing.

The successful candidate will have excellent academic credentials and will enjoy creating elegant and simple solutions to complex technical challenges. This is a client facing role, requiring strong communication and interpersonal skills.


Qualifications and Training

Skills and Experience

• Curiosity, imagination and creativity.
• Solid understanding of engineering fundamentals and physical principles.
• Strong problem solving skills.
• At least 5 years experience developing embedded software in a commercial, ideally regulated software development environment.
• You will have designed and debugged driver code for SPI, I2C, DMA, interrupts etc.
• You will have debugged basic electronics circuits and will be familiar with oscilloscopes, logic analysers and other similar test equipment.
• You will be experienced in analysing customer needs and recommending appropriate embedded technology solutions including selection of microcontroller families and the design of control algorithms, communications protocols, user interfaces, etc.
• Fluent in C and at least one other language such as C#, C++ or Java.

• Familiarity with ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 with experience of all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle from requirements elicitation to software validation.
• Knowledge of operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, QNX, Linux.
• Any experience (or potential) for project leadership would be a distinct advantage.
• .NET & Visual Studio; scripting language e.g. Python.
• GUI design and implementation.

To apply for this vacancy please submit your CV – which should give examples from your experience showing that you have the required skills – stating the reference number above.