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Speculative Application


We are always on the lookout for the right people.

The Role

At TTP our teams of talented, accomplished people with bright ideas make things happen.

Qualifications and Training

We recruit from all disciplines, cultures and countries, from graduates and post graduates, through to experienced scientists and engineers.

Everybody is different and everybody follows their own path. At TTP we recognise this, and rather than a conventional one size fits all training and development program we have a personalised mix of formal training courses, mentoring and on the job training.

Skills and Experience

A career is a personal journey. At TTP we hand you the freedom to follow your own ambitions. For some it is to be recognised for technical or commercial leadership, or to develop new opportunities and markets for TTP, for others it is to initiate, build and evolve a successful new business.

Your career will develop in an environment where excellence and high professional standards are the baseline. Commercial drive is coupled with the desire to create new technologies and push the boundaries to generate valuable business opportunities